Pakamura Field and Barechaharia Khetra

Since last 100 years Barechaharia Bhowna is being celebrated at Pakamura field with the co-operation of the generous land owners. However, a nearby land has been earmarked for the Committee of the Barechaharia Bhowna in an attempt to construct a hub for the Sankari culture and activities. The land already has an auditorium for the cultural and literary activities and a swimming pool is under construction. With the completion of this massive project this centre would prove to be one of its kind in the entire North bank of Brahmaputra.

Barechaharia Bhowna with its traditionally acclaimed Sankari culture has got a tremendous fillip with the keen interest and consistent untiring effort and support of the hon'ble local MLA. Thus many more projects and new concepts are coming into shape in immediate future, ofcourse, without infringing the original. Looking into the tremendous potentiality for tourism and research work necessary tourist infrastructure and study facilities will be developed at the behest of the popular Government and the localpublic representative.